Dan Iocchelli grew up in Pipestone – a small farming community located one hour south-west of Edmonton, Alberta.  After attending NAIT, and receiving his welding tickets, Dan spent a few years working in oil fields around Edmonton. Deciding to go on a road trip, he ended up on Vancouver Island. With another few trips  home and back again he fell in love with the Island, found a job in Victoria and made it his permanent home.

Dan has now been living on Vancouver Island for over 18 years and, for seven of them has been pursuing his passion of creating recycled metal creatures in his garage in the late hours after a full day’s at work and an evening of bike rides and play with his two children.

Dan finds inspiration for his pieces from shapes he sees in the scrap metal and pieces of wood he finds on walks on the beach and hikes through the forest. Dan is currently creating a piece that is so large it will barely squeeze through his garage door when it is done – it was inspired by a family movie outing.
Dan will continue to keep creating anything from bugs, dragonflies, fish and spiders to tables, mirrors and chairs all done in his own way to make people laugh and smile and wonder.